It is also recommended for series beginners  30th Anniversary Simulation RPG Super Robot War 30  Bakepo

It is also recommended for series beginners 30th Anniversary Simulation RPG Super Robot War 30 Bakepo

The latest game is released a lot of daily life. Maker and store game introduction only I don t know what kind of game! And I am not a GAME SPARK reader. Therefore, it will be explosion play repo that delivers the contents of the game of game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver the contents of the raw content about Super Robot War 30 distributed from Bandai Namco Entertainment on October 28, 2021. In addition, we use the STEAM version in this play repo.

30th anniversary of this year, with Super Robot War

The first title of the series was literally released on the 1991 game Boy, literally. It was a unique work based on only robots with a slight difference from the series. However, the system of the game still continues from this point.

A scenario that has crossed various robot animations in the east and east west, and the Banpresto, which has been treated with licensee of the work original robots and pilots, the book series, which is a Banpresto, which has been dealt with An independent title is also released as the OG series, and it became one of the signboard titles.

Such an author s first play is a super-naked Super Robot World War, and what TV CM remained was on purchase, but at that time, the title that does not know that the country of the country was too small and the channel of TV There were many, and it became possible to finally watch the original and finally seen the original video.

Well, let s chase the work of this work.

When you start the game, the original hero is provided with the original main character as common to the series, and you can set the name and birthday. Birthday is affected by the game, but this time starts with default. There is also a choice of difficulty, but it is easy for the difficulty of X that is sold in STeam, and will start with the highest difficulty level.

The world has already been tired to Boroboro in the deactivated war and the invasion from the extra bowl, and the world is still continuing with all the power and war, regardless of the Earth / Universe. The war fire started on the basis of the year of Mobile Suit Gundam is the original, and almost anywhere is the battle area for 10 years.

A raid occurred in the colony called the Elyon (universe start) that the main character was staying, and the main character is involved in the robot called Hikkibine 30 that was left to the evacuation destination.

This work is a simulation of a turn-based stage clear type, and in self-turns, we will move and attack units of self-size power. It is clear that the victory goal is achieved by making full use of elements such as mental commands and EX actions that advanced combat.

After completing the battle, you will see the results and go to the intermission. In the intermissions, we will strengthen robots and strengthen pilots, but this work is characterized by the extension of the super-class battleship dragarer, which is a mobile mother ship on the player side.

A major change from the past series is that you can choose your own scenario yourself. I could follow my favorite series, and I could play only the main scenario, so I could play it so much that I could play so much freely from the past series, so I thought it was a very good improvement..

Series s) also recommended freedom and improved immersive feeling

There is also the above freedom, but in this work, tutorials for beginners are also more than past work. Even if a system from past works, a tutorial will occur if a system that requires an explanation comes out, and it has been improved to play easy.

Furthermore, this work has an optional UI at the time of combat, and it is possible to enjoy animation carefully during battle. If there is a 4K display, you will be able to enjoy the combat scene with a high resolution. Personally, it was great that the presence or absence of a cryus chill could be selected.

This work with the original song with vocals

What s noted like this time is the Premium Sound & Data Pack DLC? It was released in home works, but this time, it is a DLC that STeam is sold and purchased, but it is a DLC that can be played back with vocalization with vocals, but the original song will still flow There is a thing. Originally the Instructive Series Instrument BGM is not bad, but true getter Hearts is the moment of the moment when the original song flows, the long-established long-standing feeling is the best adrenaline.

If you use a custom soundtrack function, you can change the song yourself, you can also set yourself if you have various soundtracks and CDs, but it s an expensive DLC, but it will be offered from the official side. It is a difficult place that you don t have to prepare yourself.

Because the custom soundtrack function was used even in the past series X, the getter team and Danbine were set, but when the original song flows in almost all works, the air changes. It is very disappointing that this feeling can only be introduced by the image. However, because there is a part of the song name and part of the song name, please be careful when opening the setting screen.

Works that will be added with DLC already released, but it is a pity that it is not entangled in the main scenario. However, if it is a scenario system of this work, it is likely to be added naturally, so I am looking forward to the unexpected participation from now on.


It is the most Uri of this work that can enjoy crossover between the originally originally unforgettable original. It is a series of Magine Gar series and getter, and there is also a topic work such as NT (NARATIV) of Gundam NT (narrative) and the cord gears that have been movies. If you have your favorite series, you will surely be able to enjoy it.

It is a explosion repo of such a book work, but the game was licked in the people of the brave police team one hour a day, so I would like to end the report here. It can not be helped, but I can not understand when it is stopped….

Title: Super Robot War 30
Compatible model: PC (steam) / ps4 / nintendo switch
Play model in articles: PC (steam)
Release Date: October 28, 2021 (STEAM version)
Author play time for article writing: 48 hours
Price: 9460 yen (Normal version)

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