LOL   Worlds  Edward Gaming sneaks at the final of the world and plant face to dwg kia

LOL Worlds Edward Gaming sneaks at the final of the world and plant face to dwg kia

Semifinal of the worlds de League of Legends this year have just concluded with a favorite and a surprise in the finals of the World Cup: Edward Gaming. The historic Chinese Club won Gen. G in a better of 5 exciting and ended up on the Balance of Viper with an exceptional scout and a victorious Flandre demonstrating why they are the best Chinese club of the season. As happened in Shanghai just a year ago, the most important international final of the year will be between a Korean team and a Chinese team.

The start of the series started very for the Chinese, which were incredibly consistent throughout the first game in which we saw still Viper very plugged. GEN. G Connected the keyboards on the second and third map in which we could see a ruler unleashed, but with an Edward Gaming who did not want to surrender until the last minute of each game. The last map seemed to be a complete fight, but several perfectly executed plays decayed the duel and the series for the Chinese, which crushed Gen. G in the game that gave them access to the final of the world.

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Thus, next November 6 will face Edward Gaming, champion of LPL, against Damwon Kia, champion of the LCK and current champion of the world who wants to defend the throne of him. Just as it happened several years ago with the same Chinese team during the MSI, EDG has the opportunity to completely slow down a dynasty as it is the club led by Showmaker, but Khan longs to get its expensive world as Zinedine Zidane with France in 2006 Before retiring and expected a decent confrontation with Flandre, which has been key throughout these worldwide.

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