Hearts of Iron 4  No Step Back  Next expansion appears in November

Hearts of Iron 4 No Step Back Next expansion appears in November

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No Step Back, the next extension for Hearts of Iron 4 (from 13,99 € buy), will be available from November 23, 2021 for the price of 19.99 euros. Several new national focus trees form the heart of this extension. You should u.a. offer new opportunities for the course of World War II in Eastern Europe. In addition, some nations have been completely revised.

The Features of Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back at a glance (according to the manufacturer):

New Soviet Nations Focus: The Communist rulers of the Soviet Union must also deal with a government system full of mistrust and betrayal, but the players can decide whether they support the opposition party against the powerful head of state or even take the reactionary path of a recovered monarchy want.
New national priorities in Poland: Players write a new history of Poland, with options for the reform of the government, to consolidate military rulers or to support a prosowjetic popular uprising.

New Baltic Nations Focus: Common Alternative History Paths for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and Own paths for each country.
Militic officers Corps: Construction of a General Staff recording the talents and the expertise of available officers to benefit from technological and tactical changes.
Militärgeist: Players emphasize certain properties of their armed forces, which certain unit types add general bonuses or even help in planning divisions.
UPDATES for the Supply System: The logistics system has been extended to the tactics of the burned earth, floating ports and special supply units.
Panzer Designer: Players design their own armored troupe with modules and set priorities at speed, gun strength, armor or production cost .
Isenbahnichte: The magnificent and most prestigious artillery reports developed specifically for the fight against tender enemies and fortified positions.

Hearts of Iron IV: No Step Back | Pre-Order Trailer

As usual, this extension of Hearts of Iron 4 is accompanied by a large, for all players free update, which contains new utility and logistics mechanisms as well as numerous improvements.

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