Gaming tragedy  mother disposed of 500 000 dollars

Gaming tragedy mother disposed of 500 000 dollars

The story of a player from New York probably tears the heart of every whole blood gamer: his mother throws away a real gaming sweetheart. The rare collection of games and consoles had a value of more than $ 500,000. How could that happen?

Expensive video game collection is disposed of by mother

On Twitter, a Gamer from New York complains the loss of his video game collection. As VG 247 reports, he jokes in a now deleted tweet that he now had to kill someone. His mother had thrown the entire collection in the trash even ago.

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Part of the collection had been over 500 games for the PlayStation 1, half of whom had been packed original. Also rare retro consoles have fallen victim to the cleanup. According to its own information, the collection had been worth more than $ 500,000:

Today I found out that you have thrown my Atari, Coleco, Intelli, Famicom, S Famicom, TGFX, PCE, NG AES, Megadrive, Master System and virtually any system and game that I did not take out of the house

Communication is everything

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The collector should have better discussed the value of the games and consoles with his mother before he plans them as additional storage space. For ignorant, the old plastic boxes otherwise only act like useless electric script.

As if the loss would not be bad enough, his mother also disposed of his drums, his skateboards as well as a large cartoon collection. The family should definitely work on their communication.

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A collector loses games and consoles worth over 500,000 US dollars. His mother thrown her into the trash. Is your old consoles in your parents or have you already resold? Visit our Facebook page and writes it to us there in the comments.

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