Visa enhanced Edition is lowered to break you to become Xbox Series X

Visa enhanced Edition is lowered to break you to become Xbox Series X

If there is a game of terror that surprised us and helped us the blood in 2020, that was Visage. Developed by Sadsquare Studio, the title inspired by P.T. It was a nightmare in our consoles and PC.

Xbox users and you will know that VISAGE is available at Xbox Game Pass, and, in fact, it is already possible to enjoy the game at higher quality and performance. Why? We tell you.

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Sadsquare Studio has launched a spooky trailer to advertise VISAGE Enhanced Edition, an update with great technical improvements for players PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

As the study details, this new generation patch is now available at Xbox, while A PS5 will arrive in the next few days of November. Experience considerably improves.

This NEXT-GEN update is free for those users who already have Visage in Xbox One or PS4, and in the case of the Microsoft console is automatically carried out using Smart Delivery.

VISAGE receives a technical treatment of great invoice on these platforms. The game now runs to 4k resolution, with a performance at 60 fps and with very, very reduced load times.

Although it is not yet available, Sadsquare has indicated that VISAGE will be compatible with the Haptic functions of the DualSense when it is updated on PS5, and will soon give more details.

It is a delight to be able to enjoy Visage with greater fluency, and now it will be an even more immersive experience. Remember that it is one of the many games available at Xbox Game Pass.

To celebrate Visage Enhanced Edition s ad, its creators have launched a terrifying trailer that we do not recommend seeing late at night.. who knows, you could pass a little of fear.

Visage Enhanced Edition and is available at Xbox Series X | S for free for Xbox One users (through Smart Delivery), and in the next few days (in November) you will reach consoles PlayStation.

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