Robot from extraterrestrial and greneizer action game

Robot from extraterrestrial and greneizer action game

The Grandior, who decorated the last of the triple of the Jingaji Original Series 3, came back to the game.

UFO Robot Grendizer (Game) - Teaser Trailer

French Games Developers Microid released its launch time with the teaser video of the Action Games UFO Robot Grandaizer, which is produced by its official YouTube channel and homepage. The UFO Robot Grendiser will be released in 2023 PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

The UFO Robot Grendisor is a work that decorates the last of the Nagaya and the last of the three trilogy series TV 3, and the Prince Duke Fried of the Fried Star is dealing with the Grandior and fights against the Earth and fight against the Vega Allies. It is a work and robot that has many fans, which also holds deep stories and messages that are different from the robot that came from an alien robot.

The launch of the launch of the UFO Robot Gren Denser and the detailed information will be released later.

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