LOL   Worlds  The semifinals will be the most experienced in all history

LOL Worlds The semifinals will be the most experienced in all history

The 2015 League of Legends World Championship (translated as: League of Legends World Championship 2015) was the fifth edition of the World Battle Battle Sand Multiplay Tournament online League of Legends. The championship was played in multiple cities in Europe: the group stage at the LE Dock Pullman in Paris, France; the quarterfinals at the Wembley Arena of London, United Kingdom; the semifinals at the EXPO of Brussels, Belgium; and the final at the Mercedes-Benz Arena of Berlin, Germany. The 16 participating teams qualified through victory in a professional league or by the regional classification tournament.
SK Telecom was crowned champion before thousands of live viewers, and 36 million online, with media coverage in more than 10 languages, this being a joint effort of Riot Games with broadcast sponsors such as NGOSET (those who emitted the Korean version). In addition, the champions received a single set of acquirable aspects within the game (through micro transactions) with the dress and the SK Telecom logo, being the characters elected from among those who highlighted them in the championship.

MAKE A DYNASTY / BREAK A DYNASTY | Worlds 2021: Semifinals -  T1 vs. DWG KIA

SEMIFINAL DE WORLDS 2021 will be one of the most anticipated of recent years, since we will have the opportunity to see definitive confrontation Between new and old school: Faker T1 against the Showmaker Damwon. In turn, we can also see a duel of two undredogs of the competition, since nobody gave a tough for them and the faces will be seen next Saturday in a confrontation without equal for the domain of everything A country such as China: Gen. G against Edward Gaming. What many do not know, is that these semifinals will be the ones that will be the most veteran in all the history of the competition, with a total of 90 years within the competitive adding all the time they have playing each contestant of the semifinal.

Between All the equipment, together add up to 18 domestic titles others 18 appearances in the playoffs, being SKT T1 the clear leader in these numbers. They have appeared up at 12 occasions in some semifinals of the World Cup and 8 times in the Final of the Championship, being FAKER again the one that has appeared most. As for world champions, they are 5 times The 3 clubs that have achieved at least one world title, being Damwon Kia the most novel, and a total of 8 world titles between only six players : Faker, Ruler, Canyon, Showmaker Ghost and Beryl.

As for the average and total age of years, it is Edward Gaming The one that leads this list with a total of 27 years of official fights within the sum invoker crack. Behind you follow them Gen. G, with a total of 25 years and 5 years of average and then Damwon Kia with a total of 23 years to play officially to the League of Legends of the highest level. Finally and to the surprise of many we find t1, which is a collabo with 15 years in total and it would have been much less if it had not been for FAKER, which occupies 9 of the fifteen. As for players, the King demon is the one that takes more time followed by Khan, which began in season 14 in the LPL and Flandre and Meiko, which debuted both in the LPL of 2015.

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