LOL  Riot Points and Skins free with the last Prime Gaming and Riot Games prisoner

LOL Riot Points and Skins free with the last Prime Gaming and Riot Games prisoner

Riot Games and Amazon have been distributing rewards for Prime Gaming users. With League of Legends As a prominent game and the appearance fragments as the usual award that subscribers take place, we were barely surprised by the ritual of requesting our loyalty gifts. However, this time they have broken the mold with a very special capsule that allows us to get free a few Riot Points and an epic Skin.

Riot Points for our League of Legends account

The new capsule we can get with Prime Gaming is related to a change in the way we will be given the rewards. If until now we received a fragment of Skin every ten days, The new products will now be offered monthly and with a much greater value. In the case of this first reward the content that we can unlock is as follows:

650 Riot Points
A permanent Skin of 1350 RP

200 orange essences
5 Fragments of Champion
2 Effigies capsules
Experience improvement of 30 days

The total value of these products in League of Legends will depend on the luck we have with the champions, although only the 650 rp have a value of 5 euros when we buy them separately in the official game store. A value that practically justifies by itself the payment of a subscription that does not stop increasing its product offer and also has rewards for other titles.

This will not be the last time we have access to a special capsule, since in the Prime Gaming website are listed rewards up to, at least, next May 2022. Of course, it is still unknown. Yes, products will be distributed so generously.

How to claim Prime Gaming rewards?

The process is very simple

league of legends free twitch prime skins
1. Enter the official rewards page of League of Legends
2. Link our Amazon account with Prime Gaming to that of Riot Games (we will see a notice and a link to complete it if we have not done it)
3. Open the capsule in the hextech crafts

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