Gaming Monitors  Kaufberatung  Technology

Gaming Monitors Kaufberatung Technology

A good monitor can significantly enhance the gaming experience, but also their daily work. If you even, and be it just hobbyally, in terms of photo or video editing is traveling, a decent monitor is almost indispensable. But what can or do you notice when buying?

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  1. Page 1Gaming Monitors: Purpose and display size
  2. 1.1Gaming monitors
  3. 1.1.1Gaming or work?
  4. 1.1.2Display: Can it be something more?
  5. Page 2Gaming Monitors: Resolutions, Reaction Time and Hertz values
  6. 2.1 resolutions and performance losses
  7. 2.1.1 reaction times and image repeat frequency
  8. Page 3Gaming Monitors: Adaptive Sync and Panel Types
  9. 3.1ADaptive SYNC techniques
  10. 3.1.1Panel types
  11. Page 4Gaming Monitors: MARTK Overview and Checklist
  12. 4.1marks overview and checklist
  13. 4.1.1marks overview: 16: 9 monitors
  14. 4.1.2 Market overview: widescreen monitors
  15. Page 5Pictures Gallery for Gaming Monitors: Kaufberatung and Market Overview October 2021

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Gaming Monitors

We clarify and also have a market overview with gaming monitors in 16: 9 format and separately also prepared with widescreen format.

Gaming or work?

Monitors can have many properties, and the optimal case is, of course, that a monitor is top in all categories. But unfortunately, the price for such a monitor is the most users in the way, so you have to choose a mix of features or a mix of gaming and work monitor.

A good working monitor should, especially when it comes to graphic applications, score in the color fidelity and viewing angle stability. For this purpose, certain display or panel types, which are more expensive than the panel type, are suitable with which gaming features can be realized particularly reasonably priced.

The gaming features include a high refresh rate, a low reaction time and adaptive sync technology. To all, the question is the question of how big the monitor should be and what resolution he has to offer. We start with our tips with the size.

Display: Can it be something more?

Nowadays there are monitors in many sizes and formats – the core of our specials are monitors in 16: 9 format from 24 to 32 inches. But especially wide monitors are later in the market overview, in which the height often resembles approximately a normal 27-inch monitor, but the special width then form diagonals from well over 30 inches.

Samsung Odyssey G9 C49G94SSR Source: Samsung Where we are about: The size of a monitor is specified in inches. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters and is identical to the English inch. The customs specification on a monitor indicates the diagonal of the screen. Since there are also different image formats, you have to look at the customs size more closely.

A monitor in 16: 9 format applies to Games as a standard, as this is also the format of TV equipment on which many millions of console fans play again. Since you can customize individually for PC games but the graphics in most games, as far as the image format is concerned, a format is worthwhile for PC players, which is broader.

A widescreen monitor whose display is as high as that of a 16: 9 model, still has a significantly larger screen diagonal, since the distance is logically larger from a corner to the opposite corner.

It is important: the size has to do with the resolution only indirectly – although you can close from certain resolutions to the image format, but not more. A 16: 9 monitor with 27 inches may have the pixel dimensions Full HD, WQHD and 4K, so 1920×1080 pixels 2560×1440 pixels and 3840×2160 pixels. Theoretically, 8k or low resolution such as 1280×720 pixels would be possible. We come to the resolutions on the next page.

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