5 Reasons to choose your Gaming TV

5 Reasons to choose your Gaming TV

If you are a passionate about the world gaming you must be clear about what can make you enjoy about unforgettable moments when you are playing and for that, the visual means where the game reaches your eyes becomes a part fundamental.

Years ago all you could consider to accompany your games was a monitor, but nowadays that has changed substantially.

BEFORE you buy an OLED TV... | The Tech Chap

You can now choose a TV that is at your height with everything that is a gamer, in addition to getting some screen dimensions away from any monitor. That s why we re going to explain the main features you should find before you acquire a television to play.

The importance of the panel and resolution

From LG offer us different types of screens To adapt to the needs of each type of client, all offering capabilities prepared for games lovers.

The three technologies in which LG is immersed to offer us gaming televisions are OLED, Qned and nanocell.

OLED screens

Televisions with the OLED screen are the most technologically advanced, since each pixel is illuminated separately with more than 130 million autoluminescent points, which makes this type of panels generate a pure black Unique colors, in addition to a superior brightness and contrast.

They are ideal to enjoy the best games on the market, since their visual quality takes you to another type of experience.

Qnede panels

We are before panels that can count from 6,000 to 30,000 LEDs as the size of the screen.

The main virtue of Qned panels is to have a very defined contrast between colors, with a very broad chromatic range, which makes the gaming experience magnificently magnified.

Screens Nanocell

The nanocell screens also backlit, just like the Qned minilad use a layer composed of 1 nanoparticles of 1 nanometer, hence the name of this technology.

The good thing about this technology is that the colors are kept unchanged Whatever our angle of vision, so its quality for games is undeniable.

Screen resolution

As for the resolution, we did not discover anything new if we say that the better it is, the better the games will be seen, although depends a lot on the size of the screen. That is, a 42-inch panel does not need to be 8k.

Good example of this is 48-inch LG OLED C1, which with its OLED panel and its 4k resolution Get us to have a spectacular TV to be able to enjoy any game of console or computer. This model has been awarded the prize EISA Best Gaming TV 2021 (Best Gaming 2021 TV)

After commenting on all the above, there is no doubt that you can enjoy a model like an LG OLED Z1 of 77 or 88 inches and 8k native (7.680 x 4.320 Pixles) will be a real joy for Any type of content is game or multimedia.

What LG shows us is that any of its models with 4k resolution adapt perfectly to any type of console and any type of game, offering the user of a great experience.

Latency and update rate: essential values

Having a latency and one update rate Good level is something essential for any gaming you want to fully enjoy playing.

latency is the delay in the image and sound of the signal that reaches our television and update rate is the maximum number of times the image is updated on the screen.

Televisions as the OLED models of LG are prepared so that none of these two concepts can provoke the slightest problem. Moreover, they have VRR, a refreshment system that automatically adapts to what the image needs at each moment.

In addition, they also come with ALLM, a technology that reduces latency so that the orders of the image are fulfilled immediately.

But not everything is left there, since the LG OLEDs are compatible with Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync, the two most popular synchronization standards there are nowadays.

Powerful brightness, contrast and HDR: perfect combination

We can not ignore that with LG s OLED televisions we get that the colors are more colorful, with more power and that blacks are the only pure black. But we will also have a really powerful and very well defined shine, so the games gain a lot of realism.

The same thing happens with the contrast of this type of screens, which is placed on very high levels and gets the game experience even more intense and complete.

But not everything stays there, but LG TVs also offer us compatibility with systems HDR Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and even with HDR Gig, something important since many game developers like Ubisoft, Capcom or Electronic Arts already has games compatible with these systems.

Connectivity should be complete

Nowadays it is fundamental as we unite our video game console with the medium that will allow us to visualize all the content you issue.

As you have already read, LG TVs are extremely prepared to offer us all the Gaming integration that we need and on connectivity will not be less.

It is very important to know that LG is one of the few manufacturers that it offers HDMI 2.1 on all entries they have of this type of port, guaranteeing some data transfer speeds of 40 Gbps.

In addition, this version of the HDMI is fully compatible with the Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and EARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel), and all this in each of the ports that the TV brings.

even better if we have specific gaming functions

Not only LG is a differentiator from the rest of the televisions by integrating webos, one of the operating systems for smart TV with more market capacities, but are televisions that make up a full game menu for that we can manage everything you need in our gaming experience.

Undoubtedly the Gaming character of LG TVs, as there are many monitors that incorporate some kind of games mode, but there are no televisions that allow us to calibrate any television parameter thinking about playing.

In case this was, little the launch on the LG TVs of Stadia (Cloud Gaming) is getting closer and closer, since this is expected to be prepared for September.

The conclusion is clear, from lg have been concerned with incorporating all kinds of technologies to get their televisions perfect companions of videogame consoles or computers themselves, offering gaming integration like never Before he had seen himself.

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