Updated  Niantic confirms the name Pikmin Bloom with new trailer

Updated Niantic confirms the name Pikmin Bloom with new trailer

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Update: After this leak, Niantic has come to confirm the name of this game with a new trailer, which gives us a better look at your gaming mechanics.

Original note: In case you were not aware, Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, are also working on a new Augmented Reality game of Pikmin. The project in question was revealed earlier this year, and since then we have almost not had details about it, but that already changed today.

This title will be exclusive of cell phones, so do not expect to play it in your new Nintendo Switch OLED (at least for now), and this means that your authors already modified the application in the version TEST FLIGHT (Beta ) of, revealing so its official name will be Pikmin Bloom.

Apparently, Nintendo is considering launching this game at some point of what is subtracted from the year, but at least for now, they have not said anything about it. Considering that there is only a couple of months to finish this 2021, it sounds like something difficult that this goal can fulfill, but we will see.

Editor s note: The truth is that Pikmin has been a franchise that could be lent quite well for a game of augmented reality. We know that Niantic has the talent to take this project forward, we only hope that the final product ends up satisfying fans.

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