Beat Saber  a year later  the multiplayer is available on PS VR

Beat Saber a year later the multiplayer is available on PS VR

Although counting among the five most popular games in the history of PlayStation VR, Beat Saber will have to wait one year before seeing arriving the multiplayer mode already available on other platforms.

Like all other online modes, the multiplayer of Beat Saber requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, but it is important to know that the cross-play with other platforms is not offered. Not that good news, so we can imagine that this update will encourage a lot of people to dust off their pair of PlayStation Move. The multiplayer mode of the popular rhythm game makes it possible to face its friends or unknown from around the world in private or public parts involving up to 5 players. All tracks are compatible, as we talk about basic music or different musical packs subsequently released. Unlike the solo game, players will have to take care to personalize an avatar to stand out.

But it s not everything, because with multiplayer mode, we add a living room and an area of ​​Arena so that your opponents and you discover a monumental competition universe. Are you ready for the competition? If it does not is not the case, you can simply attend the show and watch the match, can we read on the PlayStation Blog.

This update also includes a Halloween gift, an unprecedented track named Spooky Beat signed by Jaroslav Beat Games. This piece, which takes advantage of a special decor for Halloween, is also available in multiplayer.


Beat Saber – Multiplayer Trailer (PS VR)

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