Horizon Forbidden West details Aloy s new skills  free climbing  work banks and much more

Horizon Forbidden West details Aloy s new skills free climbing work banks and much more

Horizon Forbidden West has already positioned himself as one of the most important launches for next year at PS5 and PS4, but there is still much to know.

Guerrilla Games will increase playable possibilities regarding Horizon Zero Dawn and is that this sequel will add a quantity of news on open world.

In a new PlayStation blog publication, the development team has added valuable information about Horizon Forbidden West and its evolution.

To begin with, it was talked about immersive novelties and how the dualsense will transmire unique sensations. But that will not be all, there will be news at the design level as free climbing.

The Free Climbing System in Horizon Forbidden West It is a characteristic that enthuses us enormously, since it has allowed us to make great sections of the terrain, they commented.

Information about weapons and very precious tools has also been added as the Pullcaster, a kind of speaker that will allow you to open new routes.

The team towards special emphasis on body-to-body combat , one of the systems that will most improve, as well as riding actions on beasts.

When it is mounted combat, the player will have to adapt and decide who to delete first and how more effectively; Human enemies have weapons, attacks and skills that machines do not have and vice versa.

Finally, they highlighted Labor Banks Where to improve Aloy s weapons and outfits and other small playable improvements.

We hardly strive to create more options and depth for players, and we are very excited to see how people will play like Aloy with so many new possibilities of skills, weapons and team that can get along the game, commented Dennis Zopfi , Main Designer of combat.

We remind you that Horizon II Forbidden West will come out on February 18 at PS5 and PS4. Do you expect this game with desire?

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