Cloud based mobile game streaming service Bluos X domestic service started

Cloud based mobile game streaming service Bluos X domestic service started

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\ – Cloud-based mobile game streaming service Bluesk X Domestic service start

\ – Free Cloud Streaming Mobile Games World Unique Service

\ – Unlimited technology that does not constrain the environment, such as use equipment or web browser

The world s largest mobile gaming platform Bluos is a cloud-based mobile game streaming service Bluos streaming service today (25th) today (25th) today (25th).

Global Gaming Platform Blues is awarded that more than 1 billion people have been used in more than 100 countries around the world. It was natural that it was natural to enjoy mobile games due to the first app player blue stack, and this trend has been impacted to the mobile game market.

This is the world s first and unique cloud-based mobile game streaming service in the blue stack, leading the Mobile Games Future. Bluesk X is the biggest advantage to enjoy mobile games using a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and TVs, even if you do not have a PC specification that you do not need to upgrade. In terms of developer, you can service the game without further development.

Supports Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pie, so there is no constraint or OS constraint. In particular, in a discode bot that a gamer around the world is essential, you can easily connect to link clicks and play games.

No longer need to worry about the system specifications or download capacity required by the mobile game, and there is no need to wait until the download is completed. It is also attractive that it is attractive for free without any need to pay the service charge.

In particular, the developer is convenient because it does not require additional development or integration in service of his game to Bluos) X . In addition, with the Bluos sister company, we have partnership with, using hybrid cloud technology through Bluos X , which causes part of the computing and graphics rendering generated during the game development and service course to process through hybrid cloud You can dramatically reduce it.

The BlueStach Rosen Charma representative is the world s first cloud-based mobile game streaming service blow-based mobile game streaming service bluos, , said the service that has been a service that realizes the concept of a mobile game that can be easily accessed anytime, Erase it. I wanted that BluStak X will lead to a lot of more than now, and I hope you can lead fun and pleasure by leading the world of mobile games.

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