The Good Life  Rural investigations have begun

The Good Life Rural investigations have begun

On October 15, 2021, White Owls, Grounding, Active Gaming Media and Playism have published Bizarre Landabenteuer The Good Life (from 9.99 €) for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Via PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, Eshop and Steam, where to have 94 percent of the user reviews positively, the download of the Deadly Premonition Creator Hidetaka Svery Suehiro and Panzer-Dragoon Creator Yukio Futatsugi Coproduced small town thrillers between 24 , 99 euros and 39.99 euros. On PC and Xbox also a free demo of the titles included in the Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) also available.

In the game description it says: The journalist Naomi Hayward descends in debts and is at the end of their powers. After adopting the mission of the newspaper The Morning Bell, to ventilate the secret of an English small town, says Naomi far away from Your home in New York in Rainy Woods again. In your research, Naomi – with the camera in the hand – soon on an inexplicable phenomenon, where the city dwellers turn into cats and dogs at nightfall … then, as they Especially here is to go to the bottom of this particular secret, a murder is done … accompany you when trying to uncover the truth about Rainy Woods.

Naomi himself can finally turn into a cat or a dog. Turn into a cat and get the ability to jump through the whole city and climb to explore them; Or turn yourself into a dog and use your sharp sense of smell to detect the inhabitants of the city. Put your respective skills as a human, cat and dog smart to solve the different puzzles and incidents you will encounter easier.

As a journalist, Naomi can make money by making photos of Rainy Woods on behalf of The Morning Bell and the residents of the city. If you also manage to make photos of everything, which is in the social media website Flamingo just announced, and the number of your followers increases, maybe you can earn enough money to facilitate life in the small town .

As long as you have the money, you can lead free and easy life in Rainy Woods. Build vegetables in your garden, improve your cooking skills, explore the levels, drink with your fellow citizens in the local pub … Stay full, sleep a lot, keep close and clean and enjoy the daily life in Rainy Woods.

Rainy Woods is full of different places and a number of events that are just waiting to happen. Explore the areas around the city to unlock shrines and campsites, to expand your movement radius and enjoy the open world. Starting on a sheep and riding through the hills, just fun!

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