LOL  Edward Gaming breaks his curse and will be at the semifinals of the Worlds 2021

LOL Edward Gaming breaks his curse and will be at the semifinals of the Worlds 2021

RNG vs. EDG | Worlds Quarterfinals Day 2 | Royal Never Give Up vs. Edward Gaming | Game 1 (2021)
The League of Legends World Championship (League-of-Legends World Championship) is an annual E-Sports tournament organized by Riot Games – the League of Legends game developer. League of Legends is a computer game from the MOBA genre in which two teams, consisting of five players, compete against each other.

Edward Gaming will play the semifinal of the League of Legends Worldwide. The Chinese group has managed to advance to the penultimate phase of the tournament for the first time in its history after having defeated the minimum a Royal Never Give Up. Victory for three maps two against one of its great rivals in the LPL that will serve the Chinese group To stay in the Worlds 2021 as the only representative still on the foot of the Asian region.

The broken ricor of Edward Gaming in the Worlds 2021

Although Edward Gaming is one of the clubs with the most history of the entire LPL, The team had never managed to advance until the semifinals of a world championship . Five consecutive editions were classified between 2014 and 2018, but in all of them they fell in one way or another without being able to reach such an advanced phase. Especially painful was his performance in 2017, when they were the black sheep in his region after being eliminated in the group stage.

With these precedents, there were nerves between the Chinese club fans. The team arrived as a favorite one after winning the Summer Split of the LPL against all odds, but the ghosts of the past appeared along the series. Dominated the items in which they managed to win, but they were surprised by some unexpected elections of Royal that kept the tension in a decisive meeting to proclaim the King of the Chinese League of Legends.

So things, the whole already awaits rival at the semifinals. Edward Gaming was framed at the crossing in such a way that To reach the final of the Worlds 2021, Gen.G or Cloud 9 must be measured. A priori both crosses could be affordable and perhaps we are facing the fourth consecutive final that has a team of the region and continues the legacy started by Invictus Gaming, Funplus Phoenix and Suning.

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