Hades wins Nebula 2020 for game writing

Hades wins Nebula 2020 for game writing

The Roguelike Hades Independent Dungeon Exploration Robot has accumulated rewards in recent years – BAFTA in the game of the year, Hades has won just about all possible notable distinctions. Now the list extends from a price, because the Nebula Awards said Hades winner of his best game writing category.

Nebula Awards are a prestigious science fiction and fantasy award ceremony dedicated to recognizing the best science fiction and fantasy works published in the United States. With the Hugo Awards, they are considered one of the most important, most respected and well-known prices of science fiction edition. Prices are voted by Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, an organization that now has more than 1,500 members.

The list of this year s nominees for the best game writing included the independent interactive fictional title based on the Scents & Semiosis perfume, the interactive novel based on text The Luminous Underground, the Blaseball surrealized baseball simulator, Adventure Point-Click Kentucky Road Zero and Spiritfarer Management Simulation. With a programming entirely composed of independent securities, it is not surprising that the greatest independent success in recent years, have supergiant games, arrived in mind.

Supergiant Twitter Games and Greg Kasavin, editor of Hades, commented on victory. The Supergiant Declaration said: It s amazing to have gained @sfwa s recognition because a number of award-winning and nominated works were among the inspirations of each of our games. Thank you for recognizing the writing of games as a category and choosing Hades for this honor.

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Kasavin, on the other hand, lamented having missed the opportunity to receive the price live: The gods have a sense of ironic humor and would not let me accept that tonight in the live broadcast, but C Is more than anlude for me. This is a prize won by some of the authors whose work has given everything for me. Thank you very much, @sfwa !!

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