Game use disorder WHO  which was a disease

Game use disorder WHO which was a disease

A mobile game was released vaccination promotional who participated in the WHO of the United Nations (WHO) directly.

(Antidote Covid-19) is a functional game created to inform the importance of corona antivirus and other distinctions. WHO and developers Cone Games (Psyon Games) were made under the leading. Gavi The Vaccine Alliance (Gavi The Vaccine Alliance), Finland UNICEF, etc.

The genre of the game tower depend. The virus and bacteria move, including coronavirus along the constant path on the field consisting of hexagonal tiles, are moved. The peripheral tile of the path may prevent the immune cells such as lymphocytes, monocytes, and bone marrow cells, and may prevent the enemy from reaching stem cell .

All of the emergence units are represented in the game by reflecting the actual characteristics a little. The cherryphysibles are toxic, and the monocyte, which is the eternity, is swallowing the enemy. Vaccine is an item that weakens the enemy and enhance the friendly. Research point (RP) can be gathered and applied stronger vaccine. You can use different functions such as reducing the enemy sponge, and strengthening the attack power of immune cells for that unit.

In addition to gameplay, there is also a text that can identify various information about corona viruses and other distinctions, the history of vaccines, the principles of immunity.

Currently, a total of 17 stages are completed, but they are not yet developed. In the case of enemy units, it is implemented by the tefhine, pneumonia, corona virus, but 8 types will be added in the future. The Upgrade function that exists three for each immune cell is also only partially implemented. The language supports English and Finnish.

The Antigdot CovID-19> is a game created to convey the importance and needs of vaccination and the need to convey the needs. The subtitle of the game is I am the shield (I am the shield . It is a message that can help prevent the overall disease spread of the vaccine.

Ireland on Ethiopia - Security Council Media Stakeout (6 October 2021) | United Nations

The CEO of the olly Lund Grenan Games CEO said, The vaccination rate of the world is climbed, but the passion of vaccination appears between the younger generation is concerned. Rather than actively resisting vaccinations, it is said that it tends to believe that there is no vaccination in Corona 19 correspondence.

Andy Pattison WHO Digital Channel Team Leader said, The Antigdote Covid-19> was created to help people understand complicated scientific knowledge, and have resistance to the wrong information on Covid-19 vaccine and mask wear. I talked.

can now meet both iOS and smartphones. If it is not searched in the store, it can be downloaded through the link provided to the official homepage.

Meanwhile, WHO has passed the 11th International Disease Branch Classification Criteria (IDC-11) that classified Gaming Disorder as official disease in the 2019 general meeting. There was a criticism of this excessive medicalization case.

On the other hand, since the 19th episode of Corona in 2020, it has been a favorable attitude to the game, such as official recommendation of the game as a means of releasing the mental burden of isolation. Try to improve corona 19 related perception through the game is not the first time. Last year, Functional Games Developed Inn Demelic Crying and Cooperation, and free expansion, and , a free expansion.

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