Microsoft announces SSD cartridges of 512 GB and 2 TB for Xbox Series X

Microsoft announces SSD cartridges of 512 GB and 2 TB for Xbox Series X

Microsoft has announced two new types of SSD cartridges to increase the storage capacity of Xbox Series X | s. In November and December, cartridges of 512 GB and 2 TB will be launched respectively for your Xbox consoles.

So far, if you wanted more space to save your digital or Game Pass games at Xbox Series X or Series S (particularly important in the second one has a disk reader) You had to use some SSD cards of 1 TB , manufactured by Seagate with official Microsoft license.

Xbox has announced it today, although the boxes (for reservations) of the 512 GB expansion card have already been in stores. A USB hard drive was also filtered, Game Drive for Xbox SSD , which will allow you to store the games, but you can not run designed or optimized games for Xbox Series X | s.

Seagate 1 TB SSD cartridges, and 512 GB and 2 TB futures, have been expressly designed with xbox velocity architecture , which means that they emulate the same performance that is obtained with the internal SSD of the console.

The SSD cartridge of 512 GB will be launched in November at a price of $ 139.99 , and that of 2TB will come out in December at the price of $ 399.99 . Its price is unknown and its launch in Spain, at the moment.

If you want to play games at maximum possible performance, or exclusive Xbox Series games, you must play them from the internal SSD of the console or from one of these external cartridges. You can other use USB hard drives to store them and launch Xbox One or older games.

The good thing is that Move the game from a hard drive to the internal SSD or the cartridge will take less time than having to download it from zero. In addition, the function Quick summarizes , to have many open games at the same time, it works regardless of where they are staying.

If you want to have several current AAA games, you can easily eat 80, 100 or more space gigas, it is almost essential to have one of these expansions. With the launch of the 512 GB card SE offers a more affordable option , because the others cost so much, or more, than Xbox Series S itself.

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