PlayStation 5  Raffle of Prime Video Sport is only possible until tomorrow

PlayStation 5 Raffle of Prime Video Sport is only possible until tomorrow

Although local electronics dealers at the moment seem to be a good point of contact, to secure you one of the still very coveted PlayStation 5 consoles, the location around Sony s snow-white figurehead has not really relaxed. The PS5 Nonstop is still sold out and that almost a year after your launch.

Since the normal purchase of the console requires a lot of luck, why do not you put a shovel on it and try to see this raffle? Amazon Prime Video Sport, namely, hell an action in which four packages each with a Playstation and the Director s Cut of the Samurai Adventure Ghost of Tsushima wave.

So you can win one of the PlayStation 5 packages

The raffle runs on Instagram and because you interact with the post, of course, you also need an account on the social media platform. Participation itself is conceivable simple: You must follow the account of Prime Video Sport on Instagram, the Post Liken, write a comment in which you are linking to a friend, with which you want to play together on the brand new console and finally the post Share in your story.

For those who are unfamiliar with Instagram and keep the conditions of participation for an indispensable mountain of incomprehension: no panic! Anyone who takes five minutes for a search engine of his choice simply find out how the operations requested by you work.

But a bit of pace is announced! Because the raffle runs only until tomorrow, the 19th of October at 18:59. So you have a little more than 24 hours to deal with Instagram, if you are not traveling on the platform anyway. The exact terms of participation can be found on the Prime Video Sports Account. We wish good luck!

Source: Amazon Prime Video Sport on Instagram

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