ODDWORLD  SOULSTORM ENHONED EDITION will arrive at Xbox Series and Xbox One  and shows its special editions

ODDWORLD SOULSTORM ENHONED EDITION will arrive at Xbox Series and Xbox One and shows its special editions

Good Girls ou Vol à mères armées au Québec, est une série télévisée policière et de comédie dramatique américaine en cinquante épisodes d environ 42 minutes créée par Jenna Bans et diffusée entre le 26 février 2018 et le 22 juillet 2021 sur le réseau NBC.
Au Canada et dans tous les pays francophones, la série est diffusée en version française et originale depuis le 3 juillet 2018 sur le service Netflix. En France, la première saison a été diffusée du 26 mars au 23 avril 2020 sur M6.

Oddworld is a strange franchise that, with his premise, has earned the love of a good part of the community. However, its latest delivery, Oddworld: Soultorm caught care of both its dark tints and by your absence in the Xbox ecosystem. And that is why, although PC users, PS4 and PS5 have already been able to taste the new ABE adventure, the developer study wanted to expand the experience to more players with oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition , which confirms its Arrival at Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Oddworld Soulstorm - Collector's Oddition - Unboxing ITA

Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition will premiered the ABE adventure at Xbox One and Xbox Series However, Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition stores rewards for all platforms, as the developer ensures that the movement and gameplay Improve with this new edition. In addition, and as expected, this delivery will have all the updates launched so far, something that can be enjoyed next to the content recently presented of its special editions .

Since, although Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition has not yet specified a release date, something that will happen at the end of November , has already shown special editions that are divided into the day one oddition and Collector s Oddition , without counting the rewards that are given to all players who reserve the delivery before its premiere in the market.

To begin with, the people who do the game reservation In the stores associated with the Editora Company will receive the original soundtrack of Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition in digital format and an art book in the same format with 50 pages for Observe the designs and sketches of ABE and its world. The game can be reserved from today and, in the event that the player wants to reserve a special edition, he will also receive the mentioned rewards.

The game has a Day One Oddition and a Collector s Oddition Following the Oddworld fans with more content, the editor also offers a day one oddition with which you can get the game with a Exclusive metal box Full of engravings related to Abe adventure. And, as happens with the rewards explained in the previous paragraph, this edition has already opened its reservations .

However, the true experience of Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition is completed with its Collector s Oddicion . A pack that, in addition to the title, contains an exclusive figure of ABE of 22cm, a 160-page physical art book, a keychain, three illustrations, stickers and even a tattoo that makes the protagonist carry in his hand during the play. In short, some editions with a lot of content that, although it will enchant everyone from the saga, they have not revealed a final price .

And, for those who have not heard of this saga, Sabed that Oddworld: Soultorm revived an old platform franchise during The Game Awards of 2020 . A title that follows the wake from previous deliveries presenting a Society of Mudokos, fictitious creatures, which we will have to save using the protagonist ABE as a leader. Since, to avoid a terrible destination within a rotten and delirious civilization, we will have no choice but to group up to 300 mudokons to carry out a revolution from which you can know our opinion with the analysis of Oddworld: Soultorm .

Therefore, and with a dark adventure that is expanded to the horizons of Xbox One and Xbox Series, as expected by its classification in the ESRB, we can already enjoy the particular ABE adventure with Oddworld: Soultorm Enhanced Edition in All new generation consoles and PC through Epic Games. What will take us through the crudity of the Society of the Mudokos and their respective salvation with a revolution that we can experience at the end of November .

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