NBA Star Kyrie Irving manifests itself to suspension and its position to the vaccine

NBA Star Kyrie Irving manifests itself to suspension and its position to the vaccine

Kyrie Irving was suspended by the Brooklyn Nets, as he does not want to vaccinate against Corona and thus can not be available for all team activities for all team activities after the regulations of the city of New York. The 29-year-old has explained his position at INstagram Live .

Irving said he believes that every individual should be able to make a decision and that this was not to be regulated by arrangements. I stand together with all those who believe what s right. Everyone has the right to do what he holds for right, Irving explained.

To see how this topic is splitting the world is sad. People lose their job because of such arrangements.

Irving himself has not lost his job, but he is expected to lose half of his salary by the decision of the Nets if he does not transfer. Normally, he would earn $ 33 million in this season.

It s not about being a vaccine opponent, Irving said. It s about what feels good for me. I feel uncertain, and that s ok. I know the consequences of my decision. They are crazy times in whom we live. I did not have anyone. I did not commit a crime.

Kyrie Irving excludes career ends

The arrangement in New York has led to the fact that Irving can not deny home players as unvaccinated players. Consequently, the NETs decided that they did not want to play the Star Guard as part-time force only in away. If he does not let himself be vaccinated and remains the arrangement, Irving would miss the entire season.

Nevertheless, he does not think about resignation. Do not believe that I finish my career, Irving said. Do not believe that I offer this game because of a vaccination mandate. He wanted to hold himself rather to get back to his team at a later date.

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I will continue to keep fit, ready to play and be a part of this great whole. This is not a political thing; this is not about the NBA, not an organization. It s about my life and the decision I meet.

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