The SIMS 4  Fan creates your own SQUID GAME

The SIMS 4 Fan creates your own SQUID GAME

The whole world seems to be in Squid Game Fever. Now the Hype series also swaps in several video games. And what game would be better suited for this as the life simulation the SIMS 4? A player has now developed a very own challenge and torments her sims similar to the series in merciless children s games.

Squid Game meets the SIMS 4

Sims 4 has one of the creative and loyal community house, which is always bending with its own creations around the corner. The in-house gallery of life simulation makes it wonderfully easy to upload specially created houses and sims and to download for other players and players.

The perfect breeding ground to realize current Hype topics in life simulation. News favorite topic of pop culture: The Netflix series SQUID GAME .

Now the player slavic at the disco has presented its own challenge of the series on Reddit and shows that you can torture Sims figures as well as the showrunners are fooled:

So you can post the challenge

Of course, she has to modify the games and details of the part and has found other solutions for it. Instead of eliminating the eliminated participants by guards with a weapon, the creator uses, for example, the gambled cow plant of the game.

She also formulates her own rules in the thread and gives tips which attitudes and arrangements should make for a smooth game run.

The first game red light, green light is discharged, for example, with treadmills. Who first gives up and rises from the treadmill, is eliminated.

The eight participants of their challenge have no skills and no preferences or dislikes, all the Sims figures increase with the same opportunities in the game.

To smolder the players, all doors, except for the access to bathrooms and the kitchen, are closed. Also issuing the free will should keep the participants better in bridle during the challenge.

Used for your second round SLAVIC AT THE DISCO Various creative tasks which to be solved: bake biscuits, create a wooden figure and paint a picture. Depending on the quality of the results, there are points that will be added and compared.

Squid Game fever is real in Paris!

The big final ends with a betting swimming in the pool . The SIM, which is the first thing in the finish, is the glorious winner. In the end, of course, the fat prize money beckons – at slavic at the disco 9.999.999 simoleons .

If you want to replay this challenge yourself, the creator in the reddit thread has set up a detailed instructions (in English).

Of course, you can also modify the individual games or, if possible, even closer to the original of the series. If you are looking for the right figures of the series, or do not build the locations themselves, but you want to download comfortably, the gallery of the Sims 4 has already given several templates of the community.

Do you master the ultimate quiz?

A creative fan creates your own Squid-Game Challenge in the Sims 4. For this, you change the children s games of the original and sets rules. And you can imitate this challenge immediately. Let the games begin!

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