Sakura Wars in the spotlight in the first DLC of Super Robot Taisen 30

Sakura Wars in the spotlight in the first DLC of Super Robot Taisen 30

What s more logical for a game based on fanservice than multiply DLCs to spend the winter warm? The Super Robot Wars 30 Strategy Game will respect its recent tradition as early as November, in the stride of the launch on October 28, the kickoff of an season Pass which also provides for regular additions based on missions. credits and boosters.

As a result, Sakura, Ogami or Erika Fontaine will make their first appearance in the Kôbu Orders, Kôbu F2 and other Star V, a story to restore a little bit of his antan s chandelier to the franchise of Sega, well mistaken since The release of the last episode and the failure of the mobile project. In total, thirteen additional cards and nine new units, including the Hi-νgundam of mobile follows Gundam – Gyakushû NO Char – Beltorchika Children , Voltes V of the eponymous series and two original robots of the episodes OG, Ryukooh and Koryuoh, will be of the game for this first content.

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Obviously, the respective producers welcomed this association between the two Taisen : There is 19 years that I had a conversation with the producer of the Super Robot Wars series, Mr. Takanobu Trada, because we share the same name . Since then, I have always considered and dreamed of seeing Sakura Taisen in Super Robot Taisen, and I m delighted that my dream has finally become reality with Super Robot Taisen 30. The robots that appeared in Sakura Wars, like Kobu and Star, like Kobu and Star, Are small robots, but they have the same level of fighting power, fervor and strange attacks than Mazinger and the Master Gundam. I hope you can use them within your team when you play! S Enthusiasm Takaharu Terada, supervisor of the series at Sega. The desire for a rapprochement between the two series would go back to Super Robot Taisen f out in 1997, when one and the other series were in the ridge of their glory.

A demo available … in Asia

Other Good News: Uploading a playable demo as an introduction, with backup and bonus transfer possible at the end of the four chapters – and the route choice that will determine some branches – the opportunity to cross J-Decker and Facetler V for the path on Earth, and the Gundam if you venture into space. However, it will be necessary to go through the Japanese or Asian blinds to start the download, and therefore have an associated account, because if the title is well planned on Steam at home with its English translation – on October 28, at the floor rate of 49,99 € – Console versions on Switch and PS4 will not see the day in Europe.


Super Robot Wars 30 – DLC Series 1

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