N Zone 11 21  Metroid Dread  the new Pok mon

N Zone 11 21 Metroid Dread the new Pok mon

The N-zone bursts from all seams! Only in the proverbial sense, we should, of course, hope that your issue does not really fall apart. In terms of releases, news and (digital) events, the last few weeks were very profitable, and how to know connoisseurs in the industry, this is also at the season: Slowly Publishers and manufacturers bring their brands into position for the Christmas business.

Keyword christmas: Whether one or the other the nigelennail new Switch OLED will be under the Christmas tree? We looked at Nintendo s revised console with the improved display in the hardware check in the magazine area again exactly and betrayed, what we keep from the offered and whether the change is worthwhile, if you already call a switch your own anyway – what we just now Going out, after all, you just hold a magazine around Nintendo in your hands!

N-Zone 11/21: Metroid Dread, the new Pokémon remakes and much more! (1) Source: N-zone simultaneously with the OLED console Samus new adventure Metroid dread is launched on the market, and we celebrate in detail with the large test and the first part of our practical guides for the collective items. Further large Nintendo names are also represented in the magazine, for example, our favorite slogan Kirby with their freshly announced adventure, the colorful Ballery Splatoon 3 and not least a witch we have missed in recent weeks, months, yes, years, painfully : Bayonetta highest person!

Well-known faces also meet in the test section of the new N-Zone: Wario buits in Warioware around the favor of the party game publisher, the fastest hedgehog in the world District in Sonic Colors: Ultimate on the switch and with Diablo 2: Resurrected is a real place deer in the scramble For your well-deserved money. There is always room for the smaller titles, including this time about the bargain Dojoran, the Earthbound and Snes Homage Eastward and Knockout Home Fitness, which wants to be an alternative to Ring Fit Adventure.

The new N-zone will get her from October 20, 2021 in our online store and wherever there are magazines.

Our tip: Who now decides for an N-zone annual subscription, gets shopping voucher from us. In addition, there is also the new N-zone in digital form! Your favorite magazine now accompanies you everywhere – whether on tablet, smartphone, Kindle Fire or in the browser. From now on available for all common browsers, the iTunes store, on Amazon for Kindle Fire and in the Google Play Store. 1x Login – Read on all platforms!

In our detailed complete overview, we will inform you about all digital N-zone variants including a comprehensive explanation, what it takes to note when registering for these services.

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From Lukas Schmid
Editorial manager
& Katharina Pache
Editorial manager
16.10.2021 at 10:00

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