Battlefield 2042  Fans like new mode Hazard Zone   but Schnell Firestorm

Battlefield 2042 Fans like new mode Hazard Zone but Schnell Firestorm

Battlefield 2042 finally presented his new Hazard Zone mode. The reactions are previously positive and fans feel reminded of games like Escape from Tarkov. But there are also a few worries. We from Meinmmo summarize the feedback for you.

What is Hazard Zone? The mode mixes PVP and PVE elements and reminiscent of a variant of the Battle-Royale shooter. You will be discontinued in a 4-squad on a map and must search for media. This must then fly away.

In search of these data carriers, you meet human and Ki opponents who can make life difficult for you. A round runs in five different phases, from landing to last extraction.

We have presented Hazard Zone for you in our special, here you can also view the trailer for mode:

What is HAZARD ZONE? New Battlefield 2042 Divison & Tarkov Style Game Mode
Hazard Zone is The Escape from Tarkov of Battlefield 2042

The players react to the revelation: Before EA and DICE published in a more detailed article info about Hazard Zone, there was the trailer premiere. Although this trailer is quite well done and packed with action.

What Hazard Zone is actually accurate, but he did not reveal in the eyes of numerous players. A player commented on the premiere in the live chat: That was cool, but what is that for a game mode? (via reddit)

With the view he was not alone, other players criticated: The trailer … did not show anything. Literally nothing especially. (via reddit)

But with the additional information became clear what Hazard Zone wants to be and numerous players mean: That looks like Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown or the Dark Zone from The Division. (via reddit)

Why the comparisons? All of these game concepts have bonds from the Battle-Royale genre, but are not a pure BR shooter.

Although you meet other players and competes with them around the actual mission target, which often leads to fighting
With NPC opponents, there are also non-human enemies that are in the way
It s about collecting certain objects to ultimately improve your equipment
At the end of a round you have to escape from the map

This is good for numerous fans. Especially in conjunction with the big maps of Battlefield 2042, players have views of interesting matches. Overall, the anticipation is great as the reactions in the subreddit and on YouTube (via show.

Since the revelation on the 14th of October at 5 pm, the trailer was clicked over 1.1 million times, he has received about 100,000 likes so far, with only around 5000 thumbs down. (Status: October 15, 11:00).

However, some players also worry about the new mode.

More on the subject:

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Insider says: Battlefield 2042 has great problems with development – cod as a role model?
Fans suspect: Battlefield 2042 feels wrong because it should be a completely different game

Discussion about Free2Play – Hazard Zone shares the fate of Firestorm from Battlefield V?

Therefore, the players worry: After the revelation, there is now a discussion on whether Hazard Zone should not be free2play. Some players would wish this step. (via reddit)

The reason for this wish is in experience with an old mode from Battlefield V: Firestorm. That was a Battle-Royale mode that appeared months after the actual release.

But even shortly thereafter, this mode was extinct again, just did not find enough players. This fate thus fear some veterans now for Hazard Zone.

Saying Proponents of the F2P Model:

At that time you decided against a F2P model for Firestorm
You see the reason for the extinction of the mode
The idea: If the mode is free, would certainly find enough players and the laps are always full
The model would be Apex Legends and COD Warzone, which also pursue a Free2Play model

These are the arguments against it: Not every fan agrees. They believe that it is completely okay when Hazard Zone is part of the paid game.

Finally, the offer of Battlefield 2042 is very extensive in their view
All-out Warfare with conquest and breakthrough, two classic modes from the Battlefield series
Battlefield Portal also brings an extensive editor mode with content from three most popular classics
Hazard Zone speaks the lovers of Battle-Royale and fans of Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown
In addition, the players believe that a F2P model would attract more cheaters
Many also mean that Firestorm failed not only at the player number, but also in numerous missing decisions of the developers
In its opinion, in its opinion, Hazard Zone only 24 players Xbox One and PS4, as well as 32 players needed on PC, Xbox Series and PS5
Firestorm Required 64 players

Add to that the CrossSplay function of Battlefield 2042. Thus, in Hazard Zone, lighter rounds should be found, distributed over several platforms.

Which of the groups is right, it is currently difficult to estimate. This is expected to say in the course of the months after the release. Everything will probably depend on how well battlefield 2042 will ultimately arrive.

Because many see the reason for the flop of Firestorm in that Battlefield v is already bad and the player base was already lost before the release of Battle-Royale mode.

When will Battlefield 2042? The release is on November 19th 2021. Then the shooter for PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 appears.

What do you think about Hazard Zone? Should the mode of your opinion be free? Or do you see it more positively that Hazard Zone is part of the overall package?

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