NEW WORLD  Free content at Prime and Twitch

NEW WORLD Free content at Prime and Twitch

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Who wanted to play New World yesterday, had to bring a lot of patience. With a large delay, the servers from New World after maintenance for the update 1.0.2 finally went online again. On Twitter, the responsible people gave green light for all fans in the EU zone.

To compensate the waiting time a bit, you can save some free content for the Open World MMO. This week is offered a lot for New World fans on Prime Gaming and Twitch.

With Prime Gaming you can secure free content

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, the view of the Prime Gaming website is worthwhile for you. Prime-gaming members have been getting exclusive gaming content for New World since this month (Buy Now 39.99 €). This week you will receive the pirate pack 1, which includes a clothing and a weapon. More specifically, you will receive the Swashbuckler Skin, the Pirate Stance Emote and 5000 lucky brands. In addition, you can also get the pirate pack 2 with the Cutthroat Emote, the Pirate Sword Skin and 3 Coat of Arms.

Look at Prime Gaming again and again until the 21st of December to secure you for more content. Until then, five packages are announced. The next package will be on October 26 with the Robin Hood Package 1. A Robin Hood Package 2 on November 9, of course, may not be missing.

On Twitch there is today a New World Event with In-Game Gifts

If you want to dust a few more free content, you can turn on twitch today and go to an expedition with the Crown Channel. For the Event New World: Adventure Seekers are five streamer together and go to an in-game expedition in the Open World MMO. Among them are Bryan and Amelia Dechart, Stephanie Panisello, Daisuke Tsuji and Earl T Kim.

Who does not tell the name in itself, maybe recognize their voices and faces. The actor couple Bryan and Amelia are seen as Connor and Traci Android in Detroit: Become Human. Stephanie Panisello is an American synchronizer and gives Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil 2 Remake in the English version her voice. Daisuke Tsuji s face is still known to players by Ghost of Tsushima. Just like Earl T Kim, who speaks in the same game Norio in the English version.

They take you as a viewer on a journey through the supernatural island of Aerneum and face the dangers waiting for you. In addition, you will create your own avatars and matches roles while streaming. A little spectacle is there too.

Who tracks the stream, will receive free drops and gifts during the scheduled 2 hours send time. Let s start with the adventure today at 14 . October at 23:30 ! The stream will end at 01:30, his worth punctually.

Are you especially important to skins in your games or do you play a subordinate role in you? Tell us in the comments!

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