Valve warns the SSD in the Steam Deck

Valve warns the SSD in the Steam Deck

For many PC players is the possibility to upgrade your PC systems to upgrade a given fact. With the announcement of the Steam Deck, Valve described its new console as a portable gaming PC with built-in controllers. Accordingly, the question arises as to whether components can not be exchanged in the Steam Deck in order to improve performance in its own device for future games.

In December of this year, the Steam Console is to be delivered to the first happy pre-order plants. Everyone else needs to be patronized to the second quarter of 2022 in order to place an order at all. The electricity on questions about the handheld therefore does not take off and many fans are already thinking about the inner life of the device. Especially the question of replacing the SSD and the analog sticks are employed many. Now Valve has responded on the FAQ website with a video to these questions and explicitly warns users to exchange parts in the steam deck.

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Many parts of the deck were specially developed or tested for the system, and the replacement of an SSD could disturb the sensitive balance of the system. In addition, the housing of the steam deck is immediately weakened by an opening, which reduces later resistance in a fall of the device. In addition, it can happen that the console captures fire when the built-in battery is damaged. In the video, therefore, will be suggested from an opening of the device or at least be careful. Accordingly, no guarantee is guaranteed when the interior of the Steam Deck is damaged.

After all, Valve in the video nevertheless indicates that certain parts, such as the analog sticks of the deck, can be exchanged with time by third-party spare parts. This is certainly a welcome message, considering that analog sticks are often succeeded.

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Here you can see the video about the Steam Deck again:

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