Steam  Sexy Demons

Steam Sexy Demons

Gamers can be currently seduced by a new game on Steam and catapult it in the topseller charts. The recipe for success of surprise hit succubus? Hellish demon action and a lot of naked skin.

Succubus was released on October 5th and is already a special hot candidate for the surprise success of the month . The action-rpg lets you slip into the short-held outfits of Vydija, a demon priestess of desire, while on your parallel field cable through the underworld as well-friendly hoped hell inhabitants.

Succubus: Hell Adventure gives you sexy

Succubus combines Brutal hack & slash gameplay with lots of sex and revealing character models . Players seems to please this mix, because succubus has currently with just under 500 votes a very positive rating on Steam and was able to go into the top 10 seams despite the pretty explicit sex and violence representations. (Source: Steam / Steam Topseller)

Look at the non-youthful trailer of Succubus on YouTube:

Players can find in succubus among others 40 different weapons and learn 20 different special skills , which they can use against diverse enemies in arenas and boss fights. In addition, the appearance of Vydija can be adapted – you can twist the players according to individual preference.

Steam Topseller with Uncut-DLC

Developer Madmind Studio is already noticed in the past with extreme genre games on Steam – and seems to have learned from some problems. After the Publisher 2018 had to fight with Agony with some censor obstacles, he has now chosen another way.

The Steam version of Succubus is voluntarily censored – Certain bodies are pixeled . On the website of the developer, however, Gamers can download the UNCUT version for free as DLC and thus experience the hellowing of Vydija in uncensored version.

In our picture gallery we show you eight Steam games that you absolutely want to avoid:

With succubus, an unexpected action game has fought into the Steam Topseller list: the revealed hack & slash adventure attracts gamers with hard violent and open sex scenes.

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